Mobilizing for One Ocean Week

The City of Bergen, and Vestland County Council, is currently mobilizing businesses and industries, academia, the local government and the general public to join One Ocean Week 2023.

Picture shows Jon Askeland, Linn Kristin Engø and Rune Bakervik
Bilde: Bergen kommune

The sailing vessel Statsraad Lehmkuhl will be docking on Saturday, april 15th at noon after an adventurous circumnavigation of the globe. The ship has been at sea for 18 months. «We will show the world what a real welcoming party looks like,» says the Mayor of Bergen, Linn Kristin Engø. 

In every port the ship has visited, official invitations to attend the «One Ocean Week» has been extended. A grand galla dinner in the almost 1000 year old former hall of the Norwegian King «Håkonshallen» will be held. 

«We are creating a fantastic week in Bergen, the eyes of the world will be directed here. It will be the world’s most important arena for everything that relates to the world oceans,» says Jon Askeland, County Mayor of the Vestland County Council. 

One Ocean Week
In extension of the One Ocean Expedition, the partnership «One Ocean Bergen» has gathered forces from regional businesses, the local government and academia. 

«The Institute of Marine Research, Norce, the University of Bergen, the University of Western Norway as well as numerous small and large businesses will all be contributing to the program. This includes Equinor, which will demonstrate their huge investment in offshore wind installations, but there will be so much more that happens throughout the week. More than 60 partners are involved in the «One Ocean City» partnership, cooperating for a more sustainable use of the oceans and the future», says City Council Leader, Rune Bakervik. 

«Schools and institutions for science, research and education as well as the local government and regional businesses all see that Bergen has a unique position as the Ocean Capitol of the world. Bergen is a leading city in a world perspective. The maritime and offshore industries, fishing and seafood production are all central industries, and Bergen is internationally renowned when it comes to human ability to make good use of the oceans,» says Bakervik. 

«Ever since the very first Norwegians settled in Bergen and its surrounding areas, the use of the ocean has been central. The tight relationship between human beings and the ocean is programmed in our DNA,» says County Mayor, Jon Askeland.

Follow the vessel
«April 15th will be a day for the history books. Finally the world will get to see how we welcome our ship back to her port. I am personally looking forward to see how she will be welcomed, we encourage boats to meet her by the Sotra bridge at 10.00 and follow her to the UNESCO protected Bergen Pier. It will be magical,» says the Mayor of Bergen, Linn Kristin Engø. 

«I am really looking forward to show that we have the technology, the bright minds and the future solutions for a more sustainable world with a healthy ocean,» says City Council Leader, Rune Bakervik and adds: «This week will be filled by seminars, conferences, high level meetings and a fantastic celebration. This is when Bergen finally gets its deserved spot on the map,» the City Council Leader concludes.