Accelerating Deep Sea Exploration

Join our seminar, 19th of April, on how to accelerate the exploration of the deep sea environment and its minerals resources.

The Norwegian government sees seabed minerals as a potential new industry that can supply critical minerals for the global energy transition. To make sure that the activities are done in a prudent and responsible way, the government suggests a step-by-step process. 

Picture shows metals in ocean
Bilde: The Metals Company

Amund Vik, State Secretary of the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy will open the event, presenting the status of the ongoing impact assessment. Additionally, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will present their resource assessment showing substantial seabed minerals resources. Furthermore, EY will present a new report on the possibilities and perspectives of a new industry. 

- There are concerns about the lack of knowledge about the deep sea environment. At our upcoming seminar we will discuss how we can work together to strengthen the knowledge basis and discuss the key factors that will be important to succeed, says Jon Hellevang R&D Manager and main organiser of the seminar. 

At the seminar, you will meet leading researchers, organisations and industry representatives from the University in Bergen, NTNU, NORCE, NGU, the Institute of Marine Research, Offshore Norge, WWF, REV Ocean, Pôle Mer, NOV, Aker BP, Green Minerals, Loke Marine Minerals, Adepth Minerals.

- The primary objective of this seminar is to share knowledge and discuss new research and innovation projects that can accelerate deep sea exploration. We invite you to join us to contribute your valuable insights and suggestions towards collaborative projects and activities.

– We look forward to seeing you there, ends Hellevang.

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